FV Corporation Acquires Atimi Software’s Stake in apps fc

Charleston, SC (October 14, 2015) – FV Corporation today acquired Atimi Software, Inc.’s forty (40%) percent stake in Apps FC, LLC. Apps FC launched as a joint venture between FV Corporation and Atimi Software, Inc. on September 10, 2013 to exclusively use the Atimi Mobile Sports Framework in the global football (aka “Soccer”) market. Although FV Corporation has acquired Atimi Software, Inc.’s stake in Apps FC, FV Corporation still maintains a minority stake in the Mobile Sports Framework and both parties plan to continue to work together in the global football and sports market going forward.

“Our work with Atimi has been priceless as we ventured into the global app market and gained a 360 degree understanding of how to deliver a true platform solution for clients in the global football space. No one understands the market or does it better than Atimi. We look forward to continued opportunities to work in the global sports market with them,” said Ron Konersmann, Chairman of FV Corporation.

Atimi’s CEO Steve Gully said “Atimi has been at the forefront of mobile innovation and we have developed deep expertise in sports focused apps. We now look forward to leverage this experience in to the soccer arena.”

Since its launch, Apps FC has conducted exhaustive market research specifically in the global sport space identifying key market gaps to address and also publishes three industry reports on the state of key regions of the global app market. These reports are available on its web site at http://appsfc.com/market-reports/.

About App FC

apps fc is a global digital joint venture that provides football organizations total digital solutions for fan engagement on desktop, mobile, console and connected devices based on Atimi’s proprietary sports framework and focusing on the Microsoft ecosystem. For more information on Atimi, visit www.appsfc.com.

About Atimi Software

Atimi Software Inc. is a leader in mobile and cross-platform development with core strengths in developing apps for the new generation of smart devices including, but not limited to, iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and BlackBerry. Atimi has developed some of the most successful mobile and desktop applications on the market today for leading brands in North America including The New York Times, HBO, ESPN, and for many professional sports teams such as the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Toronto FC, New York Knicks and Rangers, BC Lions and the Chicago Blackhawks. Atimi handles high-value intellectual property for some of the largest technology companies in the world.  For more information on Atimi, visit www.atimi.com.

About FV Corporation

FV Corporation is a global football holding company comprised of professional, digital, and grassroots divisions in the world’s most popular sport. The company seeks undervalued assets and opportunities to build long term value for its properties, partners and shareholders. For more information on FV Corporation, visit www.fvcorporation.com.


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