The 2015 UEFA App Market Report is now available for download

After producing an internal market report on the top European Leagues in 2014 for clients and partners, apps fc have decided to publish our 2015 UEFA App Market Report publicly.

With the growth of global TV coverage for the UEFA competitions, the opportunity for clubs to enhance their brand has never been greater. The ability to create this brand enhancement has never been cheaper and digital solutions offer a cost effective way to create and enhance brand opportunities through the internet, social and fan engagement solutions like official apps.

However, even at the highest level of competition in the strongest financial market in the game, clubs are still not fully embracing the fan engagement opportunity. This lack of engagement prevents clubs from keeping local, domestic and global fans from being able to stay plugged in right from the source and allows others to generate revenue opportunities they could own directly with their own fans.

We feel there is a huge market opportunity to create a truly end to end fan engagement experience for clubs and federations and we at apps fc are setting out to do just that with limited barriers to entry for clubs of any size.

Thus we analyze various sectors of the market regularly each year to identify such market opportunities and build awareness for the market in general of the opportunity they are not realizing such as the club in the UEFA competitions.

We are going to do something new this season by continuing to update this report through each round of both the Champions League and Europa League to see how the app market place results evolve along with the clubs success on the field.

Thank you for taking the time to review this top level summary and for more detailed market information from our reports, please contact

We at apps fc would like to thank our staff and intern(s) for their help assembling this data.

The 2015 UEFA App Market Report is available at:

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